Double Industrial – Your Ultimate Protection

High quality PPEs and Medical Consumables from Double Industrial to maintain your health and safety

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    Our Advantages

    Certified Products

    We ensure our products are up-to-date and meet all necessary CE and FDA requirements

    Diversified Solution

    Your health and safety matters, our product lines range from face masks, gloves, gowns, goggles, face shields, to antibacterial gels, dispensers, etc.

    On-Time Delivery

    Working with experienced freight forwarders, providing the best shipping solution

    Applications and Benefits

    Our qualified PPEs and medical consumables are ideal for hospitals, clinics, dental practices, residential care homes, food companies, as well as corporations, clubs and other institutions with OEM requirements. 

    New Arrivals


    Examination Gloves and Multi-purpose Gloves: Disposable Nitrile gloves, Disposable Vinyl gloves, Disposable Latex gloves, Disposable Vinyl Nitrile Blended gloves

    Qualified Products

    Double Industrial works closely with reputable manufacturers to ensure all the products meet essential standards across the countries. 

    We understand providing accurate and comprehensive solutions is the key to the ultimate customer satisfaction.



    Face Masks

    Single-Use and Reusable 



    Examination Gowns and Isolation Gowns



    Multi-purpose and Examination


    IR Thermometer

     Intelligent Measurement 

    High Filtration Efficiency Face Masks

    Face Shield In Stock

    High Light Transmittance PET material offers Comprehensive Protection and Comfortable Wearing Experience.

    Eye Protection

    Protecting eyes from liquid splashing

    Nose Protection

    Preventing nose from transmission of droplets

    Mouth Protection

    Blocking the spread of droplets