What You Need to Know About the Disposable Face Mask

Wearing mask can be quite inconvenient to most people. Yet, with the increasing pollution and extreme weather cases, disposable face mask become the important protective gear to have.

With disposable face mask, you can be protected from inhaling particles, dust and smoke. It can also protect others from being exposed to the bacteria transmitted through droplets (like when you sneeze or cough).

A disposable face mask is made of several layers (normally 3-4 layers) with filters that filter the objects in certain size from inside and outside. Typical materials of disposable face mask include non-woven fabrics, melt-blown fabric, plastic nose clip and elastic band as ear loops. Non-woven fabrics used for both inner and outer layers of disposable face mask are made of spunbond polyethylene, melt-blown is known as ultra-fine fibers, plastic nose clip is made from aluminum coated with 100% PE and elastic band is from spandex and polyester.

A qualified disposable face mask is allergy-free and odor-free. It covers your nose and mouth with good closure and features. To be adequately protected, make sure you choose the most appropriate disposable face mask with right type and closure style that ensure the utmost protection and safety.

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